Common Misconceptions about Student Accommodation in Preston

Sometimes there is only one obstacle standing between you and the best home you could have: the misguiding rumors spread by other people. This is what has happened repeatedly to many newcomers in Preston: instead of searching for that which they desired, they gave into the misconceptions. Here is what you may hear about student accommodation in Preston that experts know to be untrue.

1. All-inclusive housing options are expensive

This is perhaps the most common myth about any city which attracts students and young individuals in general. Everyone expects all-inclusive housing to be inaccessible. The truth is Preston has lots of one to four, five or six bed homes with good pricing, with many of these situated close to the University. Asking for help from an expert agency can help one identify the best offers within the desired range.

2. You must compromise

They say it's impossible to have a good location and a cheap price, for example. We found this to be untrue. Recent developments in Preston include campus buildings that can host students for an affordable price. Besides, all the local amenities are within reach, including the town's train station. The proximity to the town center makes it easy to enjoy events, nightlife and more.

3. There are no options left in the center

As stated above, downtown Preston has been subject to numerous rehabilitation projects. Nowadays, it counts new student accommodation spots. These seem to be enough for the inflow of students and new build homes in Preston. Many such places are still unoccupied. For example, you will find plenty of viable homes on the Great Shaw Street. Besides, each year an important number of students leave, so you can have your chance in finding a Student Accommodation in Preston that is in the center.

4. Students don't get fair deals

It depends on the kind of help one is opting for. If you are trying to do business by yourself without knowing the area or the market, you may end up paying a lot for a not-so-satisfying place. Preston agencies can be trusted to help in this matter. Kingswood estate agents in Preston have professionals give you a hand and guide you through the options, so you can pay the smallest amount for your student accommodation. Local agencies are well aware of the problems newcomers face and can navigate the market to identify the more suitable deals.

5. Most places look old and poorly maintained

Again, this is not true. While some options may be surprising in a negative way, Preston still offers top standard accommodation to its students. Many of the old buildings are renovated and, in general, you will find contemporary interiors equipped with a true sense of beautiful design. Looking through the pictures provided by agencies can easily convince you of the high standards practiced in this city.

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