• Q I have viewed a property and i want to register my interest, what is the next step?

    Call into our dedicated student office in the City Centre of Preston, where you we will provide you with an application form for you to complete, or you can download one from the website.

  • Q In addition to the appication form do i need to provide anything else?

    Yes we require three additional documents from each student to support you application form. Those are:
    1) ID - we will require one of the following - passport - drivers license (both parts) or birth certificate.
    2) Confirmation of your student finance letter, which is required as proof of funds for the rent.
    3) And finally we require confirmation of course. Your UCLAN course letter which highlights your student ID number and confirmation that you are a full time student.

  • Q What is a guarantor?

  • A Guarantor is a person who is legally obliged to pay the rent in case the student is unable to. The Guarantor must be over 18 years of age, in full-time employment and be a resident of the UK.

  • Q What is a summer retainer and do i need to pay it?

    A retainer is payable over the summer to secure your room for the following academic year. However, 90 % of our properties don't charge summer retainers so long as you have signed tenancy agreement before returning home for summer.

  • Q How long are contracts and what period are they?

    Our contracts cover the period of 44 weeks, they will typically run from mid August to mid June. However, we are flexible and can taylor contract periods to suit individual needs.

  • Q How can i pay my rent?

    Rents are charged in line with the student term, therefore you make 3 payments once your student loans come in.

  • Q Can i pay monthly?

    We do allow some students to pay on a monthly basis this is subject to approval.

  • Q Are utility bills covered as part of my rent?

    There two packages available - the all inclusive package will include all utilities, such as gas, electric, water, internet and in some cases TV license. The basic package will include the rent alone and you are responsible for the energy used at the property.

  • Q Do i need contents insurance?

    Yes we can cater for all types of students and have a range of properties from City Centre apartments to traditional houses to accommodate the differing needs of each student. In some cases we might require international students to pay for the term in advance.

  • Q Am i allowed to keep pets and smoke in the property?

    We have a strict no smoking and no pets policy Throughout our student properties.

  • Q Are Kingswood properties safe?

    All our properties are subject to a detail check list, which includes an annual gas safety check, smoke & fire alarm check, valid electrical safety certificate and ensure that all furniture meet current legislation.

  • Q How do i report repairs and what are your guidlines?

    Once you move into the property you will be provided with a dedicated repair contact details to report, emergency, urgent and routine repairs.

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