PAT testing

What is PAT testing?

The acronym stands for portable appliance testing. It's a check performed by a competent person on electrical appliances to ensure they are safe for use. The test involves a visual inspection, though the PAT tester will also use a specialist device to test polarity, insulation etc. It is a brief and routine test.

Which appliances should be PAT tested?

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) is the checking of the safety of portable (as opposed to fixed) electrical appliances in your property. Confusingly, portable appliances include stationary equipment like fridges and washing machines, as well as things like TVs, kettles and space heaters.

Getting these appliance tested with a PAT is a great way to ensure and prove their safety, allowing you to efficiently fulfil your duties as a landlord.

A landlords responsibilities

As a private landlord, it is your responsibility to ensure all electrical appliances are safe at the start of every tenancy. You must also ensure they continue to be safe to use throughout the tenancy. A testing regime is therefore essential.

Why you should consider PAT testing

PAT testing does provide an extra layer of reassurance. It also provides an audit trail should anything go disastrously wrong.

There really aren't any barriers to PAT testing. There are so many companies providing this service you are sure to have one near you. Testing doesn't cost much and you could probably have all the electrical appliances in a property tested for around £30-50.( Subject to appliacnes)

But you can also complement PAT testing by having your electrical appliances more thoroughly tested.

As part of our property management service, Kingswood Estates provides electrical safety certificates too.

Next Step

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