The Latest Trends in Properties to Rent in Preston

According to estate agents in Preston, the city is currently experiencing a rental boom. If you are planning to move in as a student or you are simply relocating, you may use a few data about the current trends:

Single Family Rentals

The most sought-after properties to rent in Preston are those which are suitable for one family. However, such homes may serve well young couples, as well as groups of tenants, who find this more comfortable option than the usual housing for students or youth.

The Types Of Properties To Rent in Preston

If we are looking at the numbers of the different options available, flats and houses are in the lead. There are many flats as there are houses to rent in Preston. Single rooms fall below that, their number being worth about a third smaller. The average rent for a flat is about 578 pcm, while for a house it stands at 743 pcm.

The Most Frequent Arrangement

Renting trends, as well as the numbers gathered by agencies show that most properties that are being put up for rent in Preston have two to three bedrooms. This is a convenient arrangement for students especially.

Bungalows to Rent

Small, compact and self-sufficient bungalows make for excellent rentals. These usually have two to three bedrooms and the prices are affordable, as there is no waste of space. Besides, you can find plenty of such homes within walking distance from the city center. Both detached and semi-detached bungalows are among the most popular and also economical properties to rent in Preston.

It is always recommended to consult one of the estate agents in Preston, in order to understand the rental trends and make a selection that suits your budget and lifestyle.

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