Top 5 Tips for Student Flats in Preston from Estate Agents

You can find nice private properties to rent in every area of Preston. If you are looking for a viable place to stay in for the duration of your studies, you can benefit of helpful advice from estate agents as you search for student flats in Preston.

1. Don't just view inspect

It's important to view the properties recommended by a Preston estate agent, but inspecting them is crucial. You must be there in person to check the door and window locks, the safety alarm systems, the water fixtures and piping. Verify every installation to see whether it works as expected or not. This is about more than your wish list it's making sure that everything is functional.

2. Work with a narrow time frame

Landlords aim to have their flats occupied as quickly as possible. Student places are usually rented out very quickly. Therefore, you shouldn't be waiting for too long. Choose a suitable deadline, view flats in Preston to Rent and apply within the selected time frame.

3. Get references

This step is essential in your preparation. Landlords require third party reference checks and so do the agencies. Since this step is usually mandatory, you need to get references from previous landlords, as well as credit checks, which are equally relevant. A guarantor may be needed too, but this isn't always the case.

4. Prepare some extra money

In the beginning of a tenancy, landlords, as for a deposit, can retain some money in case the flat is damaged or unclean at the end of the agreed period. Besides this, one can be asked to pay a month's rent in advance. If you think you can't make it all by yourself, apply for a social fund loan. No agency will pay for the administrative charges a landlord requires, or for other connected expenses.

5. Replace a cash bond

When you cannot afford a cash bond, you can opt for the Preston Bond Scheme. This is the method by which Housing Advice offers a letter of guarantee to replace the cash bond. Landlords have accepted such arrangements and many clients have benefited of it by now.

As a final note, know that when tenants are ready to leave their student flats in Preston, they must do so in accordance with the law. More details on the notice procedure can also be obtained from estate agents in Preston.

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